Wedding Preparation Photographs
May 5, 2016

How to get the most from your Wedding Preparation Photographs

Incase you missed my recent interview with the lovely folk from Inspire Magazine, here’s some advice on what to expect on the morning of your wedding and a few tips to get the most from your wedding preparation photographs.

Here are my top 5 wedding photographer tips on how to prepare and get the most from your wedding preparation photographs:Wedding Preparation Photographs


1. How long does a morning photography session take and what happens?

I normally arrive about 2 hours prior to the ceremony to meet everyone and shoot for around 1 hour. As well as recording the natural moments I like to get a photograph of you with your parents before you get married- I think this is an important part of your wedding story.  If time permits, I also like to create some beautiful shots of you and your bridesmaids.Wedding Preparation Photographs


2. What type of location is best for the morning session photography?

To be honest, an experienced wedding photographer is skilled enough to deal with any situation, we know how to get the best from many different locations from family homes to dimly lit hotel rooms. An ideal space will have plenty of natural light and be clean and tidy.  If you are getting ready in a hotel consider requesting an extra nice room with lots of natural light for the photographs!Wedding Preparation Photographs Wedding Preparation Photographs


3. What’s the best way to capture those lovely candid shots during this time?

The morning prep is one of my favourite parts of the day to photograph.  There’s usually a lot of excitement and plenty happening on the morning of the wedding to get really lovely natural shots.  It’s great to be able to record this time of the day especially as the groom won’t be there to see it!Wedding Preparation Photographs


4. Do I (bride/groom) need to prepare anything for photographs?

Whether you are getting ready at home or in a room at your venue, make sure there is a well lit, tidy space available for you to get into your dress as this is an ideal opportunity for beautiful photographs.Wedding Preparation Photographs


5. How can we keep the mood light and fun, without stressing?

Allow enough time for your hair and makeup.  I would highly recommend getting your hair and makeup done in the middle of all the girls.  This way you won’t be the last to get ready and will have time to relax before the ceremony.  Play music, drink water and enjoy it- you’ll wish you could do it all again!Wedding Preparation Photographs