October 9, 2015

Wedding Album- The Importance of Print

the wedding albumI’ve always been a lover of the wedding album.  There’s something about the feel of the paper, turning the pages and the smell of the ink.   I know from presenting clients with their wedding album for the first time that it’s a much more emotive experience than viewing their images on a screen. There is a permanence to it, unlike then transient nature of todays smart phone snaps and selfies.  In the same way that I get more pleasure cooking from a beautifully photographed cookbook than an online recipe, there is a tangibility to your wedding album that you just can’t get that from flicking through photos on a screen!

I believe that your story should be archived for future generations. I believe that to truly appreciate your wedding photographs they need to be printed in a wedding album.the wedding album

Ironically, it is the internet we have to thank for the re-emergence of some beautiful fine art publications such as FreckleIn Clover and Kinfolk .  Wedding albums are following the same style as these publications with a trend towards beautiful fine art papers and covers made of natural materials like linen and coloured leather hide.

There is always an air of excitement when a couple come to collect their wedding album at the studio.  This is the first time the couple get to see their wedding photographs in the form of a printed story.  I love the fact that I am presenting a future heirloom which will be passed down through the generations of their family.  It is a beautiful closure to the complete wedding experience.

You can see more of Jemma & Tim’s wedding photographs on my blog  (although they look much better in the wedding album!!).  Their wedding was also featured on the amazing Inspire Wedding Blog.