Nicole & Ronan’s Ghan House Wedding

Ghan House I love you! Every so often I get to shoot somewhere I haven’t been before. This is one of my favourite parts of my job!  Getting to see places I may never have had the chance to otherwise.  It’s a real privilege for an natural explorer like me! It’s a photographers dream.  It’s also a foodies dream as they are an award winning restaurant too.

Ghan house is a 300 year old family run Georgian House in the heart of Medieval Carlingford.  It is the perfect location for small family weddings like Nikki & Ronan’s and only a stone’s throw from mountains and beaches.

Ghan House aside, I liked everything else about this wedding too, including Nikki’s most gorgeous boho style Rue de Seine dress (my favourite designer at the moment), her Kurt Geiger shoes and the focus on family.  I don’t normally show family photographs on my Blog but I really feel this was a very important part of this wedding for Nicole and Ronan so I’m going to show them anyway!  I can’t talk about family without mentioning baby Sophia, Nikki & Ronan’s little girl who wore a mini Rue de Seine made from the rest of her mummy’s wedding dress.  How cute!?

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So yes, if you are planning a small wedding with an emphasis on family and food Ghan House gets my thumbs up.  I might have to go on a little research mission now through Ireland’s Blue Book!  It’s a tough job!

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