Creative Portrait Photographer Tyrone
November 19, 2015

Creative Portrait Photographer – Tyrone

My bright new studio gives me the space I need to be a creative portrait photographer.  One of my favourite subjects has to be creative portrait sessions with individual children.  It gives me time to get to know my subjects and have complete creative control over the styling, outfits, props and hair.portrait_photographer_northern _ireland_019

The Vision of a Creative Portrait Photographer

My vision for Mary Rose was to keep things very simple and natural.  To accentuate her porcelain skin and beautiful hair colour.  Her comfy marl grey jersey dress was the perfect outfit choice.  It toned in well with my hand painted pink vintage chair and didn’t distract from the main subject.  It is very important that children are comfortable with what they wear.  It will show in the photographs if they aren’t.  It is best to avoid clothes which distract such as jumpers or shirts with logos, cartoon characters or very bright colours.

fine_art_portrait_photographerDepending on the type of shoot, I usually recommend hair down, especially for children, who, in my opinion, are best photographed as natural as possible.  I also like to see arms and legs and even toes – they can reveal so much character and personality which would otherwise be hidden.portrait_photographer_northern _ireland_017You may be able to see from the photographs that Mary Rose has a gorgeous, quiet, confidence about her which I hope she never looses, along with that gorgeous hair and soft pale skin.portrait_photographer_northern _ireland_015I truly believe that we have frozen a moment in time here for both Mary Rose, her parents and future generations.  I would have loved a record like this of me at this age before awkwardness and self-consciousness crept in.

If you’d like a portrait of your child like this, please call the studio to book or send me an email to for more info on our creative portrait sessions.

Model:  Mary Rose McCullagh (7 years old)

Dress: Name It from House of Kidz Omagh



  • noeleen November 19, 2015

    My little beauty!
    Thank you so much Sarah, you have really captured how she is, and how I see her.
    Great advice, vision and patience in this shoot.
    We will treasure these. Xxx

    • sarahfyffe November 19, 2015

      Ah thanks Noeleen. There was no patience required on my part! Glad you love them. x

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