3 Year Old Portrait
March 30, 2016

A Birthday Portrait for Henry

It was the boys birthday last week. He was 3. I can’t believe it as it seems like no time ago that we brought him home. In another way I can believe it when I think of all the adventures we have already been on together.kids photographer omaghThis is the first year that Henry has really been aware of his birthday. In our house birthdays are a big deal. My dad religiously used to do a tape recording/interview (back in the day) of each of us the night before our birthdays. I remember this with much fondness and a lot of nostalgia. Needless to say Henry is a well photographed boy but early on I made a point of doing something special on a yearly basis to mark his birthday in the same way that my dad did. I decided to mark it with a birthday portrait.


When we arrived at the studio he thought we were going into work but he cheered up when he realised we were there to have fun!

Happy Birthday my dear Henry. I look forward to our future adventures. x

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