Donegal Holiday Home
January 27, 2016

Beach Hideaway

Everyone needs somewhere to relax.  This little hideaway on the Wild Atlantic Way, near the village of Dunfanaghy in Donegal, is my place.  I’ve been coming here all my life.  This is where I truly switch off.  There’s no internet and no TV, in fact, we only got electric last year when we renovated the space.  The building, an old turf shed was damp and cold.  Fine for Troy and myself, but when little Henry came along just over 2 years ago we decided we needed to do some work to make it a little more comfortable!

Donegal Holiday HomeThese are my mums old water skies on the ceiling! Donegal Holiday HomeWe designed the interior layout ourselves and had to be really clever as the space is so small. We actually sleep in a mezzanine above the living area with a fold down ladder for access!! We put sliding doors in to save space and made a feature of them by painting them.  We both have a background in design so we enjoyed the process and are very happy with the use of space, functionality and storage.  We had a limited budget which actually made us more creative.  We used old pallets to clad the kitchen – an idea which we saw in the local surf shop- Narosa.  Troy built the bunk beds from fence posts!  I’d say the aesthetic of the house is an eclectic mix of all the houses we have ever lived in! We used left over bright orange tiles from an old kitchen and tiles on the bathroom floor from another project! The curtains are from an old living room and somehow it all comes together in a quirky little way!Donegal Holiday Home
Donegal Holiday Home
Donegal Holiday Home
Donegal Holiday Home
Donegal Holiday HomeWe let the wind through our hair and embrace the elements of this beautiful part of the world.  We cook and chill and listen to music. If we’re feeling brave we jump in the sea!Donegal Holiday Home
I shoot a lot of weddings in Donegal and it’s always nice to come back to my hideaway after a days shooting at Rathmullan House, Lough Eske , The Castle Grove or An Chuirt.Donegal Holiday HomeSuppliers

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